Infinity Folds

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Infinity Folds

Composed and instigated by Samita Sinha

Created by Rina Espiritu, Fana Fraser, Yingjia Lemon Guo, Chaesong Kim, Risha Lee, Okwui Okpokwasili, lily bo shapiro, Samita Sinha, Sheena Sood, Helen Yung and Regina Bain

Infinity Folds is a dance in sound—a process of coming together to make formations of vibration, inside and outside. We work with fragments of Baul music, a radically embodied folk tradition from Bengal, to open possibilities.

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“Perceiving these shapes means attending to the flesh of the performers, which is to say being open to the energies being transmitted. Even as no language is neutral, no body is without energy or presence. Spectating here means being aware of the energies that you yourself may be transmitting in addition to those that you are absorbing. I sense shapes because there are certain places that are off limits, which is to say one senses an edge—a shift in energy. This resistance forms the border while also inviting deeper contemplation of the multitudes that swirl within the sonic container. Perhaps this, too, is part of the dance? The projection into that space of the performance; it signals the special relationality that comes with performance and it announces the spectator as a body in space, for after one roams, one comes back, changed.”

-Excerpt from Amber Jamilla Musser’s “Infinity Folds: Sonic Sculptures and Dancing Shapes