New Work (title tbd)

Commissioned by Asia Society. To Premiere in Spring 2018.

Samita Sinha, creation/ composition/ performance
Dean Moss, co-direction/ visual design
Cenk Ergun, composition/ performance/ sound design



where shall I find you again? the helpless father asks
Before becoming sacrifice itself
Sati answers

everywhere, in every time, in every place, in every being.  
there is no thing in the world where I will not be.

and by the heat of her mind burns up into a column of ash.
Shiva takes Sati’s calcified body and dances
and dances and dances
until the gods finally cut her up with a sharp disk.
The parts fall. 
the dance stops when the vulva falls – 
“landing on the tip of a column of rock like a rug." 

This work of vocal performance (title t.b.d.) begins at the brink between Sati’s sacrificial absence and encompassing presence: a particular and pervasive formulation of femaleness generated by Indian male mind.  

Starting from this mythic brink the work imagines how voice and sound, embodied and disembodied, can create possibilities of being and relation. 

What is the sensual experience of dissolving and coming into existence again, over and over with each breath?  The process of identity, of becoming human, rests on this process of undoing, unhinging.  What becomes possible when we stay with this vibrational process?  What desires emerge, what modes of relation and listening, what qualities of sound, what textures of silence?   

The work excavates vectors of possibility contained in the myth: Sati is born when her father surrenders to drowsiness and a dark desire that seems foreign to himself.  And Shiva, rather than simply penetrate, opens himself to Sati like a cavity, where she loses herself to return to herself.

Listen to Suspension here