This ember state

This ember state

Commissioned and produced by Asia Society as part of the Creative Common Ground Initiative

PREMIERES April 14, 15, 16 & April 19, 21-22, 2018 at Asia Society, NYC


This ember state deconstructs Indian classical music through the pussy—as source of sound and silence, and site of cultural inheritance—to re-imagine female spirit and flesh. 

I have been distilling compositions and elements of Hindustani (North Indian) raga to create an abstract, enfleshed language of fragments, a kind of ruins of sonic material. Each shard contains the past and the possibility of being enacted anew: architected and opened into another mode of being, thinking, and relating.



This ember state is a voice and sound performance work created by Samita Sinha in collaboration with Dean Moss and Cenk Ergün. This Asia Society commission draws inspiration from the myth of Sati, the Hindu goddess who self-immolates in sacrifice and is the first born of pleasure, and the idea of dark matter. Sinha’s distinctive vocal work and Ergün’s live composing on self-built electronic instruments move sound within and outside gallery walls to create a potent sonic environment for the performance, which envelops witnesses into a one-of-a-kind journey. The work was created in residency at Asia Society Museum and is presented in an intimate gallery setting with a maximum capacity of 25 people per performance. 



Concept, composition and performance by Samita Sinha

Co-direction and visual design by Dean Moss

Composition, performance and sound design by Cenk Ergun

videography by Dean Moss and Salvador Pantoja, edited by Samita Sinha